Myste, a partnership between Paula Novotna (left) and Is Guillemin (right) is dedicated to anchoring profound peace and healing through all of its activities.

Our mission is to promote, allow space for and increase the Creative Energy that nourishes, inspires and assists healing and growth at an individual and collective level.


We offer:


· Collective Sound Healing Journeys (public venues and private



· Individual Sound Healing and Inner Feng Shui sessions


· Outer Feng shui consultations with sound


· Musical instruments and spiritual artefacts:  including singing

         bowls, gongs, flutes, bells…


· Story-telling


We welcome collaborations and have been invited to do sound healing as a complement to a range of existing therapeutic and healing workshops.


For organisations we also provide various ‘healing day’ packages that are fine-tuned to the specific needs of the group. We often integrate sound healing and facilitated sound and movement group-work to build connection and improve the participant’s ability to work as a team.



Peace and Happiness have arrived

We look forward to sharing this precious time and space with you.


Peace and Happiness have arrived