About Us

Paula Novotna is a practicing Gongmaster and Storyteller. She trained in Gong playing with International Gongmaster Don Conreaux and in the use of Tibetan bowls in healing with Mojca Malek. She is a member of Out of the Box playback theatre troupe and has completed advanced playback training. She continues to undergo advanced shamanic training with Elisabeth von Madarsz, Founder of the NZ Academy of Shamanic Studies.


Is Guillemin has been working with a range of  self-development modalities in the corporate world and in private practice since 1990. She is a qualified practitioner in Sound Healing, Holistic Counselling, Inner and Outer Feng Shui, Energetic Healing, various Body work modalities. She trained in Gong playing and Healing with Gongmaster Don Conreaux and her most profoundly inspiring teacher in Shamanism is Elisabeth von Madarasz.