Myste has been honoured to support fellow practitioners in their healing work. We call this work ‘sound integration’.

The sacred tones of the singing bowls and gongs support the integration of healing work by allowing participants to tune to a unifying and regenerative wave of sound.

The gongs are tremendous resonators. We support participants to create an intention of what they wish to heal, integrate, manifest or increase. We then play to enable the intentions of the individual or group to resonate with the sacred tones of the gongs. These are some examples of collaborations:

The Web of Oneness, NZ Academy of Shamanic Studies

We have been invited to offer Sound Integrations during regular powerful shamanic workshops held in the rainforest country of Dorrigo, NSW by Elisabeth Madarasz, founder of the Academy of Shamanic Studies in New Zealand.

During the workshops, we play during group healings, after shamanic journeys and whenever we are called on to play, especially after high energy tension releases.

Elisabeth noticed the significant change that the sounds allow and remarked how the participants were able to integrate more information more quickly thanks to them.

The Crucible Centre, John and Hillary James

Another example of a sound integration we were invited to do was at the Crucible Centre in Hartley Vale, NSW. The facilitators, John and Hillary James and Marg Garvan, were offering a rebirthing workshop. We played at the beginning of the workshop, to allow each participant to arrive and tune to what they wanted from the workshop. We then played the bowls and other instruments at periods throughout each day to allow participants to access the theta brain state of stillness—allowing a profound pause and integration after certain exercises.

We then played before and after each breath work session. The sacred tones allowed participants to integrate the personal processes with greater ease and support.

Drumming class– Gong on!

As a regular part of his drumming classes, John Jukiel does a meditation to close each class. Recently, he invited us  to do a Sound Healing Journey at the end of one of them.

The high energy of the drumming is an excellent preparation for allowing energy to flow and circulate more freely throughout the body. After the drumming, the participants were particularly open to the regenerative and stilling vibrations of the gongs and singing bowls. The energy generated by the group was fantastic!


Preparation for a sound integration
to support a transpersonal
therapy workshop.