Singing bowls, flutes, shakers and other instruments, each having a specific frequency,  are often part of the space clearing and harmonising of your space in our Feng Shui consultation

Feng Shui with Sound

Our Feng Shui consultation with Sound is also called Environment and Flow consultation.


This consultation is based on ancient Feng Shui and more recent methods of assessing and correcting the energy present in your business or home, in order for you to benefit from the maximum nourishment and receive the numerous gifts of Life.


In particular, as we will be assessing your house, workplace or flat from an energetic point of view (Form and Compass assessment, Guardian star), we will also look at the negative impact of toxic products and Electric-Magnetic Fields in your space and how to deal with them.


A typical Environment and Flow consultation includes an assessment of:


· the impact of the surroundings on the premises


·  the flow of energy inside and outside the building (including

gardens and backyards) from a form perspective (visible) and compass assessment (invisible) and the means to improve this flow, knowing that it affects every aspect of our life.


·  the interaction between the owners/occupants and the building and the meaning of this interaction at this specific phase in their lives.


·  the guardian star of the owner (and main associates or family members). This is the element  associated with the year in which we were born  and which supports us through our life. It gives a lot of valuable  information about the way we interact with others and how we can nourish and support ourselves.


·  tips and information about Electro-Magnetic Hazards, Toxic
Products, and non-beneficial food we use on an everyday basis


Improving the energy flow in premises usually means modifying the organisation of furniture and objects in  spaces and  sometimes, when possible,  modifying the spaces themselves.


It also means: assessing the impact that the objects you are surrounding yourself with have on your mind, and therefore in your life, on a daily basis.  A consultation also takes into account the past and present energy fields in your space and how to harmonise them.


Different musical instruments and frequencies are usually used during the consultation in order to literally retune the energy field of  your premises.


For this consultation, we usually meet twice.


The first session lasts from 2 hours to 4 hours according to the size of your premises and is the Form assessment.


The second session takes 1 hour: it completes the Form consultation (with a Compass assessment), and is an evaluation of the changes you have already made and gives space for any further questions you may have.




Home/Land Clearing Ceremony with Sound

Home clearing ceremonies are performed with singing bowls and other gentle and powerful  frequencies to balance and harmonise your land/ home.


Is performs this clearing with your participation and presence and in respect of your intention for the space.

It takes between 1 hour to 2 hours and is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect to the Spirit of your space/house/land in a powerful way and learn how to honour and nourish this connection for it to flourish.


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