Individual Sessions

When you strike a tuning fork, the tuning forks of same resonance around it are activated without you touching them. This could be easily translated this way: 

"Whatever resonance is yours now activates the same resonance in your world".

You can discover what your resonance  by paying attention to what you are thinking, feeling, saying and what you are observing in your world.

Manifestation happens when your Mind and Body come into vibrational alignment and you can experience and maintain the truth of this alignment in your Heart.


SPIRIT SONG (1h30 to 2h00):

Spirit Song, a blend of Holistic Counselling and Sound Healing, assists you to tune to a new frequency, a new template, in order to activate it in your life. This session also gives you tools to strengthen this new tuning.

During Spirit Songs, an initial phase is dedicated to fine-tuning your intention for the journey. Then various musical instruments are used including singing bowls, drums, flutes, chimes, clapping sticks, rain sticks, planetary gongs and voice. At the end of the session, we  integrate the journey together.

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Sound Journey is mainly a sound session with the use of various musical instruments and, in particular, singing bowls and planetary gongs to activate within you your highest frequency at this time. This is a good way to follow-up a Spirit Song when you feel you need a lighter session and to refine your own frequency on a regular basis.

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BODY SONG (1h30):

Body Song  is a blend of Sound and Hands-on massage (a flowing blend of remedial, acupressure, energy care. Stones are sometimes used, too) for those who feel their body needs a more direct focus and grounding at a particular time, as well as Sound .

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Email consultations have been created for those who want some email support or guidance between sessions or who live too far to benefit from the sessions above. These consultations are based on Holistic Counselling and Inner Feng Shui. 

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We each have our own natural, unique movement.


Sometimes strong and clear,

sometimes slower, sometimes more hesitant or even halted.


It is linked to a subtle and magical meeting of

our inner and outer realms.


In our heart, there is a seed of knowing.

We come from this seed, we are this seed.


Its frequency is subtle,

enough for us to have to stop and listen carefully if we want to hear.


If we do that, then we can hear where lies the next stream of water,

the next ray of sun.


Certain frequencies are here to help us stop, listen,

 simply open ourselves and tune


our own source.

Meet your therapist:

Is Guillemin