Gong setting for a workshop at the Crucible Centre,

Sound Journeys

Sound Journeys, a name we gave to the sacred music improvisations tuned to the seasons that we offer, are powerful collective experiences during which participants are immersed in the frequency of Gongs, singing bowls, flutes, drums and gentle percussions.

In a Sound Journey, you can expect to do some simple relaxing exercises which facilitate the circulation of energy within the circle of participants. Comfortably lying on your mat,  you are then guided through a meditation and immersed in the sounds of the various instruments we use.

All you need to do now is relax and allow yourself to receive.

As the sounds develop, they assist you to open to more expansive states of reality. They create a space for healing to occur, allowing you to tune to yourself, going deeper each time and experiencing an increasing sense of Peace.

The gongs, over 5000 years old, come from Asia and have been used in various spiritual contexts as an important tool for healing and meditation. Playing “the harmonics of the universe”, they literally tune a person’s body, transporting  their whole being to a new sense of connectedness.

We play intuitively, so no journey is the same! Each session is a dynamic creation between the participants, ourselves and the surroundings. This enables a powerful interplay of sound and energy in direct response to the needs of the group. Our intention is always to play in service of the group by tuning to greater harmony, balance and a feeling of Oneness.

After such a  Journey, “you feel like you've been healed by the Spirit of Nature”.  Gong Master Don Conreaux



Sacred Circle Improvisations

Sacred Circle Improvisations are Sound Healing Journeys which first part is a co-creation with you: bring your drums, shakers, gentle percussions, singing bowls, gongs with you and/or enjoy the instruments we bring!

Together we will enter the magic of the healing sound-wave created by the circle.


No musical experience is required! Just a zest of wonder and the willingness to be part of an evolving and inspired Sound Circle!


During the second part of the Sacred Circle Improvisations, you simply relax and receive the healing power of the gongs and the other instruments we play to assist you in integrating your experience more deeply, in a similar way to the Sound Journeys.


So, come and play with us!